Évora Tour - Évora Town and Surroundings

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Private tour with car and driver just for you.


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Évora Tour

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    Places to visit

    Private Tours are flexible so that you can customize according to your personal interests and needs, combined with our professional suggestions, which will provide an optimized end result and an excellent experience.

    Combining your wishes with our professional suggestions we will provide you with a fantastic day in Évora and among all the incredible spots available, gastronomy or history, you can choose your own way to best spend the day.

    As a suggestion, our day starts with a first stop in Évoramonte, a picturesque and delicious parish that is located between the beautiful cities of Évora and Estremoz. Once of great geographical and military importance, this Alentejo village, whose walls still protect its inhabitants from the top, feels like an ancient warrior who patiently awaits visitors with countless stories to tell them.

    Clearly divided into two very distinct parts, Évoramonte combines the current situation in the lower area with its medieval village located on the top of Serra d’Ossa. Despite its history dating back to prehistoric times, this unusual Alentejo village has its first notable moment during the 12th century.

    We continue to Évora, a historic city, walled and with great religious influence. The entire city of Évora is a World Heritage Site, an open-air museum according to UNESCO since 1986. For centuries, the old walls have protected people, the cobbled streets and buildings from different periods. This historical and cultural wealth attracts more and more visitors.

    In the historic center of Évora it is perfectly possible to wander through all the narrow streets and alleys that lead to beautiful squares, such as the well-known Praça do Giraldo. Let yourself be surprised by the Roman Temple, also known as the Temple of Diana, which is about 2000 years old. Discover the religious influence in the many churches, such as the Sé Cathedral of Évora, the Igreja de São Francisco with the Capela dos Ossos. You can also find the Colégio do Espírito Santo, today the University of Évora, where the Jesuits taught. The tiles that can be seen inside are a fantastic representation of this Portuguese art.

    Also visit, in the Public Garden, the Fingidas Ruins and the Palace of D. Manuel. Find distant times in Évora’s many museums and national and international artists at the Eugénio de Almeida Art and Culture Center. Follow the Água de Prata Aqueduct to the fields or to reach the city. Wherever you go, the pristine whitewash of the houses will follow you and stay in your memory forever. You will certainly not forget the friendly people of Alentejo either. Évora, a wonderful experience in itself.

    The suggestions are ours, but the decision is yours, make the most of this tour made for you and with you in mind. Yellow Cab TT Tours, always at your disposal with the quality that our customers are used to.

    Tour available all year (except 01 Jan and 25 Dec)


    * 8 Hours Tour

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